Cowing Out

Cowing Out is a project of Gregory Pastor, a local energy entrepreneur and energy expert based in Avignon. The goal of the initiative is to transform locally produced lait into a quality product and to put people at the heart of the ecosystem. This project is based on a three-point approach: it respects the environment, respects local producers and pays 450 EUR per 1000L of lait.

Gregory Pastor is an engineer by training, but he decided to take a different path. The dairy sector piqued his interest. He set up Cowing Out, which develops a local distribution network for dairy products. It obtains milk from local farms and processes it into a variety of products, including dairy drinks. The company sells these products through their own stores and partner sales outlets. The company uses a solidarity economy model to pay local farmers a fair price for their milk and uses circular economy practices to make its containers.

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