Cowing Out – Avignon-Based Company That Transforms Local Lait Into High Quality Dairy Products

Avignon-based ‘Cowing Out’ is a company that transforms local lait into high quality products. Its founder, Gregory Pastor, has worked in the energy sector for more than fifteen years. It has a strong link with farmers and respects the lait throughout its transformation. As such, consumers can be assured that their milk comes from an ethical source and respects the environment.

Gregory Pastor, a trained engineer, decided to pursue a career in the dairy industry. The company aims to develop a local distribution network for dairy products. It sources milk from small farms and processes it into a variety of products. These products are then sold locally and through partner sales outlets. The company bases its principles on a solidarity economy, which ensures that farmers and producers are paid fairly for their products. In addition, Cowing Out uses a circular economy for containers.

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